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Moisture-damaged Åkereds school is evacuated - students are bused to Kviberg


Pupils at Åkeredsskolan in southwest Gothenburg became mysteriously ill. And the symptoms disappeared when they left the school premises. Now grades 4-6 will be bused to the Kviberg School. "It means a lot that politicians have finally listened," says Marie Gunnlert, whose son suffered from the symptoms.

Last week, the message came that parts of the Åkereds school would be evacuated. This is after an investigation has shown more, and greater, moisture damage than previously thought. On Wednesday, news came that grades 4-6 were being moved to Kvibergsskolan.

- For me, it means very much that politicians and the municipality have finally made a decision, says Marie Gunnlert.

The school should be demolished

The message came in connection with the alliance's announcement that the Åkeredsskolan needs to be demolished, and replaced with a new school.

"We have now resolved the emergency situation, and then we must make a decision to build the new school," says Helene Odenjung (L), chair of the elementary school board.

Temporary solution

Students are to be picked up by bus near Åkeredsskolan, and employees at the school will be present on their return journey. The plan is for the move to start week ten. It is, however, a temporary solution and, pending the construction of a brand new school, it is not yet clear which premises will be used in the long term.

- What we want before the school is built is healthy barracks in the local area here, says Marie Gunnlert.

Source: svt

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