No precaution should be overlooked in the face of the coronavirus, a deadly virus that has spread to the four corners of the planet since December. In the Philippines, church officials recommended a deviation from the Ash Wednesday religious tradition.

Usually, on this day marking the beginning of the 40-day fast of Lent for Christians, an ash cross is drawn on the forehead of the faithful. But to avoid direct contact, this year the ash was simply sprinkled on their heads. A modification of application that does not bother Roberto Moreno, a faithful Catholic: "The meaning remains the same: you are born dust, and you die dust", he explains.

The measure is important in a country where 80% of the population is Christian. Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, several major events have already been completely stopped or canceled to avoid contamination, such as the Carnival of Venice, in Italy.

Since its appearance in December, the coronavirus has caused the death of 2,700 people, mainly in China. In the Philippines, three cases have been identified. Among them, one person died.

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