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Hunan First Hospital independently researched and developed "sterilizer" to donate Wuhan epidemic


(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Hunan First Hospital independently developed a "sterilizer" to donate the "epidemic" in Wuhan, Changsha, February 27th (Reporter Xu Zhixiong correspondent Li Shan Jiang Kai) The first ten “dual-effect medical sterilization and disinfection cabinets” developed by the scientific research team of the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, On the 27th, it was sent to Wuhan through a special postal vehicle in China and donated to a number of medical teams in Hubei to help white warriors fight the new crown virus.

"'Medical double-effect disinfection and sterilization cabinet' plays an important role in protecting the safety of medical personnel and blocking cross-infection in hospitals." The reporter learned from the Third Xiangya Hospital that the people of the country are doing their best to cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic and how to achieve the spread. Fast, efficient and safe sterilization of carriers is a proposition that must be considered during the war.

The third Xiangya Hospital was led by Professor Cao Ke and the team of the Xiangya Institute of Restoration and Regeneration of Central South University. Under the premise of fully grasping the biological characteristics of the new crown virus, they jointly developed the "dual-effect medical disinfection" with Hunan Dushigao Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. Sterilizer. " This device cleverly combines the advantages of ultraviolet and ozone disinfection and sterilization and PTC heating. Within 5 minutes after the device is turned on, the air outlet of the device can reach a constant temperature of about 72 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in the box can reach above 56 degrees Celsius. It can be killed for half an hour at full load. 100% bacterial virus. At the same time, the device has dual modes of normally open and timed on the time control, with a power of about 1,000 watts per hour.

According to reports, this device is designed for the spread of diseases in hospitals, and is specially designed for disinfection, sterilization and drying of white coats, quilts, towels and clinical treatment appliances. It is mainly used in hospitals and can be extended to homes or public places. Nosocomial infections and even prevention of public transmission will play a positive role. (Finish)

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