(Combating New Coronary Pneumonia) 3 new French confirmed cases die first in French

China News Agency, Paris, February 26 (Reporter Li Yang) The French health department announced on the 26th local time that there were 3 new cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed in France on the same day, and one of them died. He was the first French patient to die of new coronary pneumonia.

Salomon, director of the French General Health Agency, announced the details of three new confirmed cases. They were diagnosed in Paris, Strasbourg in the northeast and Amiens in the north. The geographical location of the patients appears to be scattered.

Salomon said that the confirmed patient in Paris was a 60-year-old French teacher. When he was admitted to a Paris hospital on the evening of the 25th, his condition was very serious. After a full-night rescue, he was still announced on the morning of the 26th. Die. The patient had previously had symptoms but was considered to be flu.

According to health officials from the Greater Paris area, preliminary reports indicate that the deceased patient had not been to a severely infected area before his death, so it is not possible to determine how he was infected. The official also called for teachers who had been in contact with him in the last two weeks to contact the emergency department immediately if they had symptoms of the infection.

Salomon said the second confirmed patient was a 55-year-old man with a serious condition and was being treated in the intensive care unit of the local hospital in Amiens. French health authorities are also investigating how he was infected, and his relatives, friends and colleagues have been listed as close contacts for further testing.

Salomon also revealed that the third confirmed patient was a 36-year-old man who had just visited Lombardy, Italy, and is now being treated at a hospital in Strasbourg. His condition is stable.

As of now, the total number of patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia in France has risen to 17, two died, 11 were discharged, and 4 were treated in the hospital.

Italy remains the worst country in Europe, with 374 confirmed cases and 12 deaths. Many people were diagnosed after returning from a severely affected area in northern Italy to other European countries.

Serie A's Juventus match in Lyon, France, is scheduled to take place on the evening of the 26th. Thousands of Italian fans will arrive in Lyon one after another. Many people have expressed concern. Some local officials have requested the French government to issue an emergency administrative order to cancel the game. No official action was taken. (Finish)