Cologne (dpa / tmn) - As soon as the new year is a few weeks old, the good intentions are forgotten. Martina Frost from the Institute for Applied Work Science (Ifaa) advises those who have made a firm commitment to making changes in their professional lives should not give up too early.

To achieve the goals you set yourself, it was important to formulate them in an attractive way for yourself. "I want to be healthy and productive in the long term", say those who want to stress less.

It is equally important to plan how you want to achieve your goals. Only then does the actual execution follow. Those who have reached the action level usually have the hardest part behind them, according to the expert.

Another trick: focus on success stories. If you plan to edit emails only once a day, you should focus on the day when it works really well - not on the times when you open the email program more often.

However, one should not set one's own expectations too high. Because not everything can be achieved in no time. Otherwise, this would lead to unnecessary frustration - and the resolutions will be thrown overboard more quickly.

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