Four employees of the Rotterdam detention center have been suspended. They are suspected of extreme violence against someone who is in custody at the center, RTV Rijnmond reports.

According to the National Agency of Correctional Institutions (DJI), the incident happened in January. A man in custody kicked his cell door constantly. The employees started a conversation with the man, after which the man threatened a staff member and made striking movements to several employees. The man was then transferred to an isolation cell.

After the incident, the management of the detention center received signals that the four employees had used more violence against him than was permitted. An investigation into the violence incident is ongoing. According to the DJI, employees are suspended while that investigation is still ongoing.

Adult male foreign nationals stay in the Rotterdam detention center awaiting their deportation.

A few days before the incident, there were already two incidents at the Rotterdam detention center, where foreigners were aggressive towards employees. As a result of that incident, the management set up an adjusted program. Half of the foreigners followed an adjusted day program as a result. The other half was locked up in their cell.

Also last year, staff in the detention center were once attacked by foreigners. Several staff members were injured.