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Do this if you get a strange call - the police will warn you about scam calls


There are two types of scams on the move.

The police and the Cyber ​​Security Center warn Finns of torture calls in a bulletin. There are two types of scams going on: so-called helpdesk scams and wangiris.

Technical support scams ("helpdesk scam" or "tech support scam") are usually calls from Finnish telephone numbers where the caller declares to be technical support from Microsoft or another similar organization. The purpose of the caller is to gain access to the answering machine's personal data or computer.

- In the cases brought to the notice of the authorities, the caller has been asked to install a remote access program on the computer, citing the computer security or software license issue of the person who answered the call. Remote access and bank IDs have enabled callers, for example, to transfer money from the victim's bank accounts or access other information about the victim. Crime damage can be very significant in such cases, says Crime Commissioner Juha Tompuri of the Central Criminal Police Bulletin.

The police give five instructions for these situations:

  • End Call - You do not have to be polite to end a call.

  • Don't give out your bank IDs, credit card details, other personal information, or transfer money anywhere.

  • Do not install any requested software on your computer.

  • If you have accepted the caller's requests, notify your bank immediately, as quick action may still prevent the transfer of money.

  • Only report the crime to the police after informing the bank.

  • Many of the phone numbers used by fraudsters are falsified without the true owner of the number having any information about it. Therefore, numbers should not be distributed on social media.

    - If your own phone number has been used by fraudsters, you should contact your telephone operator, the police and the Cyber ​​Security Center will advise.

    In Wangiri calls, the phone is allowed to ring for a moment, and the phone owner tries to get the expensive call back. Especially in February, these scams were seen in Finland. There have been many in the world before.

    The number of calls to Finland is particularly high behind the Tunisian + 216 country code. They have also been seen in the country codes +675, +685, +387 and satellite numbers +881 and +882.

    In these situations, the police and the Cyber ​​Security Center give the following instructions:

  • Don't call the number back. There is no charge to answer the call.

  • If you called, check your phone bill for extra charges.

  • If you suspect you have been the victim of a crime, report it to your telephone operator and report the crime to the police.

  • Source: isfi

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