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Di Maio to the foreign press: "Measures against those who speculate on gels and masks"


It is an invitation not to be afraid of Italy that addressed by the minister Luigi Di Maio to the foreign press this morning in Rome. The Foreign Minister put the numbers on the table: the healings at Spallanzani, the tampons performed, the small number of the municipalities and the national territory involved. And in the end the exhortation to come to Italy

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February 27, 2020 "We are about to introduce measures that will ease the prices of goods such as masks and disinfectants with the measures that will shortly be approved. The real issue is when masks are needed because there is not always a need". "In the new decree that we are about to approve, we are about to introduce measures to calm certain attitudes and abuses, which concern for example the sale of masks and disinfectant gels".

In Italy, most controls of all
"Italy has performed about 10,000 swabs, but we cannot be guilty of being one of the countries that has done the most checks of all." This was explained by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio this morning in Rome in front of the foreign press. "In the next few days we will try to inform foreign governments daily through the embassies, we will base the information on maximum transparency".

Involved the zero point of the national territory
"0.2% of the Veneto area and 0.4% of the Lombardy territory are involved in the infection. We are talking about 40-50 thousand people out of 60 million inhabitants. We are talking about zero point percentages. Nobody wants to minimize , but 10 Italian municipalities out of 7904 are involved ", 0.089% of Italian municipalities. And all the cases that we are finding outside this radius are attributable to the two outbreaks of the Lombardy-Veneto region. Indeed, as Minister Speranza will tell us, the possibility that the two outbreaks are actually one is under consideration. This - underlines the minister - would allow to further circumscribe the range of action ".

Italy transparent and credible
"Italy has decided from the first moment to direct its strategy on transparency, which is the measure of credibility of a country. This credibility derives from the work done in recent weeks by the Ministry of Health and Minister Speranza. It is a credibility that allows Italy to be a reliable country ".

We are at the epidemic
"We have good news to communicate to the world. All patients at Spallanzani have recovered. A lot of false news is deeply damaging both the economic fabric of our country and the reputation of our scientific community that is facing the difficulty in a brilliant way". On the coronavirus "from the risk of an epidemic we have moved on to an infodemic of clear information that is damaging our production system". "I tell the media all over the world to stick to the official civil protection bulletins, otherwise the tourist flows and the Italian brands will be damaged".

Come in Italy
"It is improper to advise against travel throughout Lombardy and Veneto. Our children go to school in the majority of our cities and tourists and investors can come here."

Institutions communicate with responsibility
"For two days now, every Italian embassy in the world has been active in transferring to the governments of the whole world all the correct information of what is happening". Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said this during his meeting with the foreign press. "It is essential that the Italian institutions also communicate with the utmost responsibility".

We work best with the regions
"We are working at best with the regional bodies. It is a conspiracy that does not belong to us, even if someone tries", the idea that the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana wanted to damage the government in some way: "I don't think so - said Di Maio - that the number of swabs was commissioned to go against the government. It is normal for a governor and a prime minister to be concerned about their fellow citizens. We are doing our best with the regional authorities. "

Source: rainews

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