• September accident Airplane accident in San Javier: Two dead when the engine of a military aircraft over 30 years failed
  • August accident: The pilot of the Army plane that fell into the water in front of La Manga del Mar Menor dies

Air Force commander Eduardo Fermín Garvalena, pilot of the Eagle Patrol, has died this afternoon when his C-101 plane crashed in the vicinity of La Manga del Mar Menor

The commander was responsible for the 'solo' of the patrol, responsible for taking the plane to its limits in the safest and most spectacular way, and had an experience of more than 2,000 hours of flight in different squadrons of the Air Force, among them in Wing 14 commanding the Eurofighter fighter. In 2017 he joined the General Air Academy in San Javier.

The device belonged to the General Air Academy based in San Javier (Murcia) and had fallen into the sea early in the afternoon near where another plane of the same model fell last August in an accident in which the pilot died.

Sources of the General Air Academy (AGA) have confirmed to Efe that the Air Force plane has crashed in the waters of the Mar Menor, one kilometer from the coast of La Manga.

The sources have explained that the incident occurred when the acrobatic unit was undergoing training and one of the reactors has fallen into the water, for reasons that are unknown, at the height of kilometer 6.5 of La Manga.

There is the circumstance that on this same point he died on August 26, 2019 in Commander Francisco Marín , when the C-101 plane he was flying crashed into the sea.

Three ships sent by the Emergency Coordination Center have been immediately transferred to the scene.

This is the third accident suffered by an AGA plane in the last six months, since on September 18 a Tamar instruction plane crashed in the Mar Menor, and the instructor, Daniel Melero , and the third-year student died Rosa María Almirón .

The C-101 models are in the final phase of their useful life and will be replaced by the 24 Pilatus training aircraft , whose arrival at the AGA is scheduled for the end of the year with the intention that they begin to be used as training aircraft in September of 2021.

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