“President Xi's Visit to Japan Makes a Success” Foreign Ministers of Japan and China agree to maintain close communication February 27, 1:14

While infection of the new coronavirus is enlarged, Motegi Foreign Minister, 26 days night, held talks on the phone with China's Wang Yi Foreign Minister, order to make up the results of the Japan visit of Xi Jinping Jintao, which is scheduled for April, They agreed to continue to communicate closely.

A telephone conference between Foreign Minister Mogi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China has been held for about 40 minutes since 9:30 p.m.

Minister Mogi expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of Japanese people staying in Hubei Province in China on returning to Japan on a charter aircraft. Thank you very much. "

Then, as the two ministers is, exchanged opinions on the visit to Japan as a state guest of Xi Jinping Jintao in April the influence of the spread of infection is a concern, it is necessary to visit the firm rise of achievements, continue, closely intention We agreed by communicating.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi also described the latest infection situation in China and stated that "the economic impact is temporary and the foundation of the Chinese economy is solid."

"We understand that China is working nationwide to prevent the spread of infection. We look forward to a quick calm," said Mogi.