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US experts: Climate warming poses "catastrophic" threat to global security


China News Service, February 26. According to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao, several US security, military and intelligence experts warned that climate warming could pose a "catastrophic" threat to global security. At that time, people will be sick, lose their livelihoods and compete for scarce water and food.

U.S. experts say in a report published by the Center for Climate and Security at the Inter-Party Policy Institute that the pressures of global warming could exacerbate political tensions, unrest and conflict, fuel violent extremism and undermine government security system.

Profile picture: Climate warming has caused glaciers to keep falling.

It is reported that the team members involved in the study include former US government security officials and climate security experts.

The report says that African and Middle Eastern countries face the greatest risks, but industrialized regions are not immune.

"Even if the temperature rise is low, every region of the world will face serious risks to national and global security in the next 30 years. Higher levels of warming will bring a disastrous, possibly irreversible global, for the entire 21st century. Security Risk".

The study also warned that many people would be forced to leave their homes due to rising temperatures, drought, and reduced drinking and food supplies. At the same time, as resources become increasingly scarce, disease will spread, border security and infrastructure will collapse, exacerbating extremism, crime and human trafficking.

"If more and more countries become vulnerable, the future will be bleak," said Skunov, one of the authors of the report and a former intelligence analyst.

The United Nations has previously warned that if global emissions are not significantly reduced, the global average temperature will rise by 4 degrees Celsius by then.

"I don't want to be a rogue predictor, but the situation is really bad," said Sullivan, a retired general who was not directly involved in the report.

He said the United States must consider whether to lead the fight against climate warming or to stand by. "We need someone to hurry up and say, 'I'll come and leave it to me'".

Source: chinanews

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