Trump wants to reduce U.S. forces in Afghanistan February 26, 6: 1

U.S. President Trump has acknowledged that so-called `` violence reduction measures '' for peace agreements with the Afghan rebels in the Taliban have been on track so far, reducing U.S. forces stationed there. I showed my will again.

The United States has agreed with the Taliban on a one-week “violence reduction measure” across Afghanistan, and if the Taliban observes it, will sign a peace agreement on 29th of this month.

President Trump met in a visit to India on Wednesday, saying, "There is no violence at this time. There seems to be minimal violence," recognizing that so far it is on track. Was.

He further stated, "We will reduce the number of US troops to 8,600. The United States is not an Afghan police." Was shown.

President Trump seems to be hoping to make a cut in the U.S. Army ahead of the fall presidential election, but there are concerns that an immediate withdrawal could lead to a deterioration in security.

For this reason, Secretary of State Pompey, meeting on Tuesday, stabbed that "a peace agreement can only be signed if violence reduction is successful" and urged the Taliban to adhere to the agreement.