The Hummer embodied American omnipotence, even arrogance. Ten years after production stopped, a huge jeep returns to the stage, but in an electric version.

It should be presented next May with great fanfare by its manufacturer General Motors. A suspense well maintained since, for the moment, only a spectacular advertising clip circulates as a teaser guide. The brand only reveals the carnivorous grille in chrome of the beast because the monster is indeed back. With 1000 horsepower, it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just three seconds. A bomb but all that, insists the ad, without deafening noise and without carbon footprint. In short, in absolute silence since The Hummer New look runs on electricity.

Will it be enough to revive it after an eclipse of a decade?

It is the risky bet of General Motors, convinced that by smearing it in green with batteries and by ridding it of its main sin, its voracity (it consumed 30 liters per hundred km), it will be able to give a second life to this extraordinary vehicle. Icon of the rappers, it is part of the American heritage. When it was released in 1992, the Hummer was in fact only the "civilian" version of the military juggernaut built to replace the jeep. In the American army, his hour of glory was the Gulf War, where he embodied the US superpower in the desert. More comfortable in the middle of the bombs than on the French departmental where it caused a sensation with its 2.5 meters wide, a little less than two smart combined. In short, an automobile aberration and a concentrate of all excesses.

Is zero emission going to relaunch the fashion for very large cars on the roads?

Fuel consumption and the greenhouse effect had led manufacturers to subject their models to a drastic slimming program. With the electric, they are again uninhibited and ready to assume all the excesses since they no longer pollute. The planet is therefore not threatened. The Hummer, leader of a new generation of colossi in sheet metal which will parade tomorrow on the twice four lanes of the American West. The XXL pick-ups, the best-selling cars in the States, find a smile while Elon Musk intends to launch his cyber truck on the market at the end of 2021. Half-truck, half-car, with an angular and futuristic look, almost six meters long and cut to roll on the planet Mars. Big is beautiful, tomorrow the slogan is back in the American automotive industry.