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Northern Italy's border closure is spreading


Following the spread of the new coronavirus, especially in northern Italy, the health ministers of Italy and neighboring countries have an urgent meeting to ...

Northern Italy, border spread as infection spreads, alarming warning of February 26:04 on February 26

Following the spread of the new coronavirus, particularly in northern Italy, Italy and neighboring health ministers held an emergency meeting and agreed not to close the border. However, infections have been confirmed in people living in northern Italy in various parts of Europe, and alarm is increasing.

In Italy, a new coronavirus infection has been revealed one after another in the northern province of Lombardy from this month, 322 infections have been confirmed throughout Italy, 10 of them have been killed, and 11 municipalities in the north are facts Above, it has been blocked.

The Italian government has invited a minister of health from neighboring countries such as France and Austria to the capital city of Rome on the 25th to hold an emergency meeting.

At a press conference following the meeting, Italian Minister of Health Speranza said, "Every country in contact with Italy has promised that the border closure is not appropriate and is a wrong measure" and agreed not to close the border. Revealed. After that, they agreed to deepen cooperation by exchanging information related to infection.

However, in many parts of Europe, infections have been confirmed in France, Switzerland, Croatia, and other countries on the 25th from people who were staying in Lombardy in northern Italy.

In the Canary Islands of Spain, an Italian couple from Lombardy tested positive. Local authorities have become increasingly vigilant, including forbidding about 1,000 guests and staff staying in the same hotel as the couple.

Call for suspension of travel in France

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday called on Lombardy and Veneto in northern Italy, where the spread of the new coronavirus is spreading, to withdraw urgent travel until conditions improve. We also recommend that school excursions to Italy be postponed for the foreseeable future.

Source: nhk

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