As the number of patients in Korea increases, there is an increasing number of countries that block people from Korea. First of all, the Japanese government says foreigners who have stayed in Daegu and Qingdao in Gyeongbuk are prohibited from entering the country.

This was delivered by correspondent Tokyo Yu Sung-jae.


Following the Hubei and Zhejiang provinces in China, the Japanese government classified Daegu and Qingdao, Gyeongbuk as banned areas.

This measure takes effect from midnight tonight (26th) and is for foreigners who have stayed in Daegu and Qingdao, Gyeongbuk within 14 days prior to entering Japan.

[Abe / Japan Prime Minister: We have decided to ban entry to foreigners who have stayed in Daegu Metropolitan City and Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea.]

The move is intended to prevent the spread of the Corona 19 virus to Japan as much as local infection trends continue in Japan and the number of cruise ship unloaders continues to emerge.

However, it is pointed out that rather than sticking to the so-called 'Mizugi', which has already failed, to prevent further spread through rapid infection checks.

In fact, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has vowed to increase the number of infection tests by 3,800 cases per day by this week, but recently, the number of inspections in Japan is only 1,500 cases per day.

[Kato / Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: As each institution's capacity for inspection decreases, it may be a little bit to suppress it.]

In addition, even if a front-line hospital asks for an infection test, government agencies such as public health centers refuse to be called.

The instability of the Japanese people is growing as the Japanese government is about to reduce the number of confirmed candidates ahead of the Olympics.

(Video coverage: Han Chul-min, Video editing: Park Jung-sam)