(Combating New Coronary Pneumonia) Two new confirmed cases in France

China News Agency, Paris, February 25 (Reporter Li Yang) The French Ministry of Health announced on the 25th local time that two new cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed, and the total number of confirmed cases rose to 14. French officials said on the same day that they would not close the French-Italian border.

The French Director General of Health Salomon announced on the same day that two new confirmed cases in France were a Chinese woman who came to France from China and a French who returned to France from Lombardy, Italy.

Salomon said that the two confirmed patients were not in serious condition: Chinese women were being treated in a hospital in Paris, and French patients were being treated in a hospital in southern France. French health authorities are working to test their close contacts.

On the previous day, all 11 patients with new corona pneumonia diagnosed in France were discharged. But French officials remain vigilant about the development of the epidemic. French health minister Villain has warned earlier that new confirmed cases are likely in France.

Wieland met with European health ministers on the same day. He said that he would not close the border between France and Italy. He believed that closing the border was "no reason and no meaning." French far-right parties have called on the government to take tougher measures to deal with the outbreak, including new border control measures.

The number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Italy continued to rise sharply on the 25th, has exceeded 300 cases, and 11 patients died. French transport officials have called on French people to postpone travel to areas with severe outbreaks in northern Italy.

The Serie A Juventus team plans to go to Lyon, France on the 26th. It is expected that it will attract a large number of Italian fans to watch, causing more and more concern in French public opinion. In response, Villan said that the Italian fans who came to watch the game were not from areas with severe epidemics, and the public need not worry that the ball game should be held normally. (Finish)