[Ju Young-jin's News Briefing]

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■ Broadcast: SBS <Ju Young-jin's News Briefing> Mon ~ Fri (14: 00 ~ 16: 00)
■ Progress: Ju Young-jin Anchor
■ Dialogue: Min Sung-gi, SBS editorial writer, Kim Sang-il, Visiting professor, Suwon University, Jang Ye-chan, Current critic

● President- 與 野 Representative 'Corona Meeting'

-Sang-Il Kim Visiting Professor
"President Corona's remarks were rash, even considering the situation"

-Jang Ye Chan Reviewer
"You must draw consensus, not criticism."

● Lee Jae Myung 'Sida' response

-Sang-Il Kim Visiting Professor
"Lee Jae-Myung, Active Action for the People"

-Jang Ye Chan Reviewer
"You need to follow the government's instructions as much as you can."

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