In Hillerstorp, the water level is high in several places and one road has been completely shut down while water covers gardens.

Along the lake Flaten in Gnosjö municipality there are several properties standing in water and a gas station has been forced to close as a result of the flood.

Gnosjö Municipality expects that water levels will continue to rise slightly further to decrease during the morning and then slowly begin to decline.

Decreased speed

In Storån in Värnamo municipality, levels have now slowly begun to fall. On Road 27, east of Forsheda, the speed has been lowered and the Swedish Transport Administration has built concrete blocks to prevent the water from rising on the road.

Calls for caution

The municipalities urge the public to exercise caution. Edges can collapse and water can flow. Now that temperatures are expected to fall, there is also a great risk of slipping.

At Värnamo municipality, the public wants to report roads that are covered with water and dangerous to drive on. This is mainly to facilitate blue light personnel in the event of an emergency call.