Helena Hervius Askling is an infectious surgeon in Region Sörmland and she sees no reason to be worried.

- I understand that you are worried about the media image but it is perfectly logical that you increase the risk a snap given that several countries in the world have been affected. But if you live in Sweden and do not travel, the risk of getting the virus is minimal, she says and continues:

- If the virus is found in several countries, the risk of isolated cases in Sweden increases as people with symptoms can travel here. But there is very little risk of spreading infection. We take samples of those who come from the countries affected and have a very good track record, there is no need to worry.

According to Helena Harvius Askling, Sweden has a coordinated infection prevention organization, unlike several other countries where people have become ill.

- Sweden and the Nordic countries have very good preparedness. You can trust that we will do what it takes if we get more cases. I feel confident that we have a coordinated infection prevention organization and we want to encourage the public to be so too.