Berlin (AP) - The low-cost airline Easyjet is canceling one of its domestic connections. From March 29th there will be no more flights between Berlin-Tegel and Frankfurt / Main, a company spokeswoman confirmed information from the portal «».

Lufthansa thus becomes the sole provider on this widely used route. Easyjet had taken over the connection from the inheritance of the insolvent Air Berlin and in some cases offered significantly cheaper prices than Lufthansa. According to an Airliners evaluation, however, Lufthansa offered almost seven times as many seats as the British.

Easyjet also announced ten new connections from the capital, including to Porto and Chania in Crete. It offers an attractive network with more than 110 routes to and from Berlin. In the future, domestic German flights will go from Berlin to Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne-Bonn Düsseldorf and Sylt.