At the same time, Skanska is prepared to take over the construction of the wind farm. Last week, Skanska signed a contract with Nordex to complete the infrastructure of the conflict-filled wind farm in Viksjö.

The park must be emptied

However, there is a problem. Skanska intends to take in its own subcontractors and does not want to take over the subcontractors contracted by the old main contractor Active Works. Skanska simply wants the park to be emptied of machines before they enter and start their work themselves.

- But we have full confidence that Nordex will solve this shortly, says Skanska's district manager, Anders Söderberg to SVT Västernorrland.

The fact that the general contractor Nordex has had to get the Hästkullen emptied on machines is clear. Negotiations have been underway with the subcontractors and on Tuesday morning Nordex sent out an email with an offer of transfer money to the subcontractors who choose to leave Viksjö.

Action or occupation

Several contractors have already left Viksjö, but according to information to SVT, there will still be between 15 and 30 machines left in the park, which was originally contracted by Active Works. These are mainly from southern Sweden and the offer means that Nordex will pay SEK 30,000 for each machine that is moved away, and another 10,000 if it happens before Friday.

But the response to the offer has so far been cool on the part of the lingering subcontractors. They have chosen to remain as a silent protest against missing payments. They have not been fully paid for by Nordex or Active Works, they claim.

- If we leave Viksjö, there is a risk that we will be completely without money, says a contractor to SVT.

Hard time pressure

Active Works has already had to leave Viksjö. Now Nordex remains, which is under pressure to get the building up and running which has been standing still for six months.

The solution was in sight last week when Skanska took on the assignment that Active Works failed. Now it is Skanska who will complete the construction within the set time. This means that the first wind turbine will be erected as early as autumn.

- We have certainly not had the same planning opportunities that we normally have when we go into large projects, but we believe that this is entirely possible, says Anders Söderberg.