A plague expert at Harvard University warned that Corona 19 will infect 40-70% of the world's population within a year.

"The probable conclusion is that Corona19 will not be ultimately suppressed," said Mark Lipsic, Harvard University professor.

But this does not mean that all infected people have serious illnesses, and he says, "many of them are mildly ill or asymptomatic."

Atlantic reports that the idea that Corona 19 will be widespread is not limited to Professor Lipsicht, and consensus among epidemiologists is that Corona 19 could be a new seasonal disease, the fifth corona epidemic.

Atlantic said that if Corona 19 continues to be as serious as it is now, the term "cold and flu" may change to "cold and flu, corona 19".

Lippitch says the United States said 35 people were infected with Corona 19 as of April 23, but that 100 to 200 people were actually infected, the media said.