A spokesman for the United Nations Support Mission in Libya said that the political dialogue between the Libyan parties will resume tomorrow Wednesday in Geneva, while Haftar's forces continued to bomb civilian targets in Tripoli.

In contact with the island, the UN spokesman, Jean Alam, confirmed that a number of participants arrived in Geneva yesterday, Monday.

He explained earlier that the talks will take place as scheduled, but he declined to comment specifically on the participation of either party.

He added that a large number of participants had already arrived in Geneva, and he hoped that all invited participants would follow suit.

However, Libyan diplomatic sources in Geneva assured the island that the six deputies of the Tripoli Parliament will not participate in the talks, unless the ceasefire and hostilities against the capital are secured, while ensuring that the displaced return to their homes.

Earlier, parliamentarians from eastern Libya announced that they would not participate in the Geneva talks.

They justified their rejection that the United Nations - which was brokering the talks in Geneva - did not
Agree to all members of their proposed delegation.

The United Nations, through the Geneva Dialogue, aims to end the Libyan crisis and start political action leading to democratic elections.

The talks are still indirect, as the two parties sit so far in two separate halls, and UN envoy Ghassan Salameh moves between them.

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala told reporters that the Tripoli government is insisting that Haftar withdraw his forces from the front lines around Tripoli.

Armistice breach
In a related context, five civilians - including three children - were wounded in the bombing carried out by the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar on the Abu Salim area in the capital, Tripoli.

The media center for the "Borkan Al-Fathi" operation reported that a shell fired by the Haftar militia fell on the Abu Salim area Monday evening, causing injury to two men and three children from one family.

On a daily basis, Haftar's forces are breaking the ceasefire that took effect on January 12.

It is noteworthy that Haftar launched a military operation to take control of Tripoli on April 4, and the forces affiliated with the internationally recognized Al-Wefaq government confronted it.

Haftar’s forces are supported by Egypt and the UAE, while Turkey has sent soldiers and weapons to assist the forces of the Al-Wefaq government.