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Anna Kontula pursues unauthorized Gaza: Project "failed due to ridiculous mistake" - now she tells if it was worth leaving


Anna Kontula MP's project "failed because of a ridiculous mistake".

Member of Parliament Anna Kontula (left) shrank early. He sought an international activist group from Israel to the Gaza border.

The intention was to cut the hole in the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip, to cut the hole, and then issue a bulletin against the Israeli occupation on the Gaza side.

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Anna Kontula and other activists practiced fencing in the Palestinian Territory and refined the details of the operation.

The project was about a quarter drive to its destination. Israeli police stopped activists on a road block on a public road.

- Our project had failed due to a ridiculous mistake, Anna Kontula recounts in her new work The Wall.

The activist group was easily located by the Israeli police on a gps device.

One member of the group had been arrested by police last week. Israeli police found that the same activist was moving to an area where he was forbidden to go.

Subsequently, information was released on how the activist group and the Finnish MP were arrested by the Israeli police.

Anna Kontula has written a book called The Wall.

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Kontula told a book briefing that he was made to act as a drag on the current demarcated government in the arms trade between Finland and Israel.

There are parties in the government that oppose the arms trade between Finland and Israel. The government program also mentions this.

According to Anna Kontula, there is a lack of practical action.

He thinks that the Israeli issue is not high on the government's agenda to waste time on it.

- I do not know how important it is for the individual actors in the center to take this forward.

It's a publicity trick

Anna Kontula wondered what would encourage the government to act with conscience. He realized that the Finnish media could make the government work.

- Some sharp-ass politician has already commented that this is a publicity trick. Precisely. The whole idea of ​​the job is to draw public attention to this issue.

Anna Kontula says that it is difficult to attract media attention to something that happens far away from Finland.

It is difficult to bring news out of Gaza. It's a small, closed area. The conflict has been going on for a long time.

According to Kontula, if the Finnish media wants to get interested in a world event, at least one Finn should be involved.

- If that Finn is a celebrity, the better. If that Finn does something outrageous, that's a perfect situation.

Anna Kontula says she saw no reason to refuse when she was offered the opportunity to participate in the project.

Kontula says she has been asked to do similar activities before. He was once asked when the Estelle was traveling by sea to the Gaza Strip.

At that time he could not attend due to schedule. He had just been elected to Parliament. He would have been absent for half the spring sessions. In addition, the family situation held back. Kontula's children were small and she could not be away from home for long periods.

The January project worked better.

- The action was short-lived, it hit our plenary session. The children are already bigger, so the mother can radicalize in peace.

Was it worth leaving?

It's been a couple of months since the publicity stunt. Anna Kontula has been wondering whether to go to Gaza.

- I do not know. But if this spring's lifting of the agenda results in Israel's plans to expand arms trade with Finland even stopping, then it was worth it.

Anna Kontula believes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not be resolved until all parties are willing to seek a solution. Such a will will not be found as long as one party benefits from the continuation of the current situation.

According to Anna Kontula, Finland, with its own arms stores, supports the continuation of the current situation.

Laukkanen defended Israel

Antero Laukkanen (MP), MP, attended Anna Kontula's press conference.

Laukkanen said he would not wait for cheerful cries at a pro-Palestinian event.

Laukkanen defended Israel's actions. He thinks things are seen in black and white.

- It's not that there is one evil country that has built a wall, as the back cover of the book says, to isolate the Gaza Strip.

- I'm thinking that the wall is for that reason that Israel protect their own land.

Source: isfi

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