The Turkish ambassador to Germany, Ali Kemal Aydin, has called for a rethink after the allegedly racist attack in Hanau. Now it was time to stop! to say, he said in an interview with Hü . The German authorities would have to admit and correct errors in dealing with racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and discrimination.

In the meantime, hardly a day goes by without a threat being received at a mosque somewhere in Germany, said the ambassador. In this connection, he also referred to the group of twelve around Werner S., for whom detention had been ordered in the middle of the month. Among other things, the men are said to have planned attacks on mosques.

Aydin, who had been in Hanau, Hesse after the attack, said that the first Turks came to the country 60 years ago at the invitation of the Germans. Germany has now become a new home for many people from Turkey. All neo-Nazis should know, "No matter what you do, the Turkish community will remain part of Germany".

In Hanau near Frankfurt, a 43-year-old man killed nine people with foreign roots on Wednesday last week. He also shot his mother and eventually himself. The attack was believed to be racially motivated, the perpetrator mentally ill.