Abu Dhabi Police revealed a smart patrol, equipped with advanced cameras and technologies, capable of monitoring 5 drivers' violations regarding not to buckle up, to talk on the phone, speed, to be busy off the road, in addition to the vehicles that are out of license and required.

Abu Dhabi Police told Emirates Today that it plans to convert all Abu Dhabi Police vehicles into smart vehicles by the end of this year, as the first of these patrols will start on the internal and external roads in Abu Dhabi to catch violators soon.
Captain Ahmed Nasser Al Balushi of Abu Dhabi Police said that the smart patrol, equipped with a back camera, monitors the violation of not wearing a seat belt, either for the driver or the passenger in the front seat, taking into account the privacy of individuals.

He pointed out that the smart patrol contains smart boards, speed radar, and violation control systems, where the violation will be recorded automatically, on the system of violations and notify the violators through text messages, calling on the road users to adhere to the traffic and traffic law and traffic safety guidelines.

Watch how the Abu Dhabi Smart Police patrol caught a violation of not wearing a seat belt # Emirates_Today pic.twitter.com/XF8QbwSAzC

- Emirates Today (@emaratalyoum) February 24, 2020