As follows from the grant, which was reviewed by RT, the embassy offered to apply for participation in projects involving the development of an effective program for “expanding the dialogue within the Ukrainian audience” on key political, social and economic issues that play an important role in the context of the Euro-Atlantic development vector of the country.

The State Department plans to allocate up to $ 500 thousand for the implementation of the program.

It is noted that applications will be most competitive, the essence of which is to prepare original program content covering current issues, including the holding of elections in Ukraine, the implementation of anti-corruption reforms, and ensuring human rights.

“The proposals should clearly demonstrate the originality of the content, as well as clearly differ from existing materials available in Ukraine,” the text says.

Earlier, the State Department announced the receipt of applications for grants for the organization of training of “opinion leaders” in the field of digital media in Ukraine. It is planned to allocate $ 250 thousand for the implementation of the project.

As follows from the description of the program, potential partners will need to prepare a series of training events for pre-selected candidates, so that, in turn, they can successfully resist the “Russian misinformation”.