She emphasized that the amount of pension can be changed only in cases that are provided for by applicable law.

According to her, the size of the pension can be changed "both up and down, in cases where an error was made during its appointment and this error was identified."

Bibikova said that the pension can be changed if an allowance for a disabled dependent person is established on it. She explained that upon reaching adulthood, this allowance is removed.

The size of the pension changes when a pensioner reaches eighty years of age, then, as the deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee says, "the size of the fixed payment doubles and, accordingly, the size of the pension also increases."

It is noted that since 2010, the norm has been in force, according to which, according to Bibikova, a non-working pensioner - “wherever he lives - cannot receive material security in total lower than the cost of living in the specific region where he is registered”.

In addition, she told what the situation may happen when moving from one region to another.

So, in different regions a different cost of living is set.

“Accordingly, if a person moves from a subject where the living wage of a pensioner, for example, 12 thousand rubles, to a region where the living wage is 13 thousand rubles, then his pension will increase,” she said.

She also notes that "there may be a reverse situation."

At the same time, she emphasized that “the size of the pension does not change, the size of the social supplement to the pension changes”.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor announced the indexation of social pensions by 6.1% from April 1, 2020.