Sunday is a rainy day where a lot of water can fall, especially in the southern, carnival-celebrating part of the country. The KNMI has declared code yellow for the entire country, except Groningen, due to heavy gusts of wind.

The rain passes from the west over the Netherlands, in the southern half of the country more than 25 mm can fall during the day. Later in the afternoon it gets drier from the north.

The wind blows fairly strong to strong from the west and at the sea the wind is sometimes stormy. Heavy gusts of 75-90 km / h are especially possible in the southern provinces. The wind decreases somewhat during the evening.

The temperature is between 8 and 12 degrees during the day.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Monday Current weather type 11 ° 3 ° ZW 5
Tuesday Current weather type 8 ° 6 ° W 5
Wednesday Current weather type 7 ° 2 ° W 5
Thursday Current weather type 7 ° 2 ° Z 5
Friday Current weather type 7 ° 4 ° WSW 4

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