The Finnish-born millionaire Peter Nygård's Bahamas resort is the source of many stories. Celebrities like pop star Michael Jackson, Hollywood star Robert DeNiro, former US President George Bush senior, and Prince Andrew of York with his family have once visited the Maya-style luxury estate.

Beautiful women often attended a party organized by a man called "Hugh Hefner of Canada". In photos published by the British daily Daily Mail on Wednesday, Nygård spends time with a number of low-dress women. According to the British newspaper, the pictures were taken in 2007.

The building complex has also been associated with gloomy allegations: according to recent allegations, Nygård has raped several underage girls there in the 2000s and 2010s. Nygård has denied the allegations.

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Peter Nygård built a magnificent resort in the Bahamas. Luxury property has once again been the center of harsh accusations.

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How did a boy from a Finnish bakery family end up building a luxury villa in the Caribbean, celebrating with the stars of the world and eventually being blamed?

Nygård was born in Helsinki in July 1941. He was the first born of his parents Eeli and Hilkka Nygård. A year later Liisa was born into the family.

The family lived in a studio in the Kallio district of Helsinki. However, parents dreamed of a better life.

In 1952, the Nygårds moved to Deloraine, Manitoba, Canada.

- We moved to a basic cottage with no running water. There was only one room and outside. We could not speak English. Little by little we got on our feet and moved to Winnipeg. My parents set up a bakery and started to prosper. I think our story is pretty incredible, Nygård described to IS the beginning of his family in Canada in 2013.

The parents financed the education of both their children with their bakery business. Peter Nygård graduated from the university with a degree in business administration in his back pocket. Soon after, he ended up working as a sales manager for a women's clothing company.

The company was bought by Nygård from its former employer in 1967. Its first millionth Nygård has said it had made it before it turned 30.

Peter Nygård created a fashion empire from scratch.

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Aira Samulin met Nygård when she was on her first trip to Finland in the late 1960s and 1970s. As a fashion man, Nygård had come to see a fashion show organized by Samulin and ended up talking to a woman.

"I had been in the industry for almost 20 years and he was interested in how much I knew about textiles," Samulin recalls.

Samulin says Nygård values ​​a healthy lifestyle and does not smoke or use alcohol. Friendships are also linked by fashion and the love of dance.

- Peter liked discotheques. When he was in Finland, he was the first to ask what was new in discotheques and then rehearsed at the hotel before the guests came. We had a lot of fun together. It has been accompanied by his female friend and Ekku (Peltomäki, Samulin's former spouse).

Samulin has not been in contact with Nygård since the rape accusations against the man went public. Samulin says she is shocked by the women's claims.

- I'm not going to defend myself in any way. This thing is very shocking, whether it was after or not, Samulin ponders.

- I'm really sorry and I'm really sad. She's my longest time friend. We both know that we are at the end.

Peter Nygård has also visited Finland a few times. Picture from 1987.

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After the first million, Nygård's fashion company has expanded its operations and the net worth of the entrepreneurial assets is estimated at about $ 900 million, according to CTV News, among others.

Nygård, a Bahamian villa, built Lyford Cay on a plot it had bought in the late 1980s. The resort, built on a two-hectare peninsula plot of a millionaire, is featured in Oprah Winfrey's program, among other things.

Several Finnish celebrities once visited the resort and Nygård's guest in Los Angeles. In addition to Samulin, her guests included Janina Fry, Katariina Souri and Carmen Heikkilä.

Peter Nygård is hosting an Oscar for Celebrities in Beverly Hills. Photo from 2007.

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Tanja Karpela visited Nygård in the summer of 1994, and the duo's warm relationship sparked rumors of a relationship. However, Karpela denied this.

"I was undoubtedly startled when I was already doing a lot of speed for Mrs. Nygård," Karpela commented after returning to Finland.

In the early 2000s, Nygård bought a personal computer that makes travel between homes and, for example, from the United States to Europe, quick. IS told in 2009 how Nygård had built a disco with dance bars on his aircraft.

The resort suffered significant fire damage in 2009. When Vanity Fair Magazine visited Nygård Bay in 2015, much was still to be done.

- This was my dream, my life wrapped up here, Nygård said.

The villa complex and its reconstruction have been the subject of controversy in the Bahamas, according to the environmental organization Nygård, which has increased its land by unauthorized dredging. In the latest round of controversy last fall, Nygård was sentenced to 90 days in prison for contempt of court for failing to attend court hearings. The Bahamas Supreme Court had already decided in 2018 to take over Nygård Cay as part of the dispute.

Nygård has also long argued with his plot neighbor, billionaire Louis Bacon. The duo and their representatives have filed numerous lawsuits against each other over the years.

Nygård often poses in pictures with beautiful women and is also associated with many celebrity beauties in a romantic sense. According to an article by Vanity Fair, Nygård had a long relationship with Anna Nicole Smith.

Nygård has only been married once. However, he has seven children with four women and is already a grandfather. The oldest children are involved in Nygård's company.

Peter Nygård brought Pamela Anderson to Finland for a 57 hour quick visit in 2007.

Photo: Juha Saastamoinen

Millionaire acquaintances have said that he is almost always at work. Nygård said in an IS interview in 2018 that success came at a price.

- Of course, the trip has required sacrifices in private life.

Years ago, Nygård became interested in stem cell treatments, which he hoped would give him more life. He began to become familiar with the subject when his Hilkka mother was dying. Hilkka Nygård died in 2010. His eldest father had already died in 1997.

- I want to be able to enjoy as long as possible from all that I have created. I believe I have achieved a few extra years with treatments, Nygård told IS in 2018.