On Sunday, the New York Times published a comprehensive report on the case of millionaire Peter Nygård, in which it interviewed numerous women accused of rape in Nygård.

The magazine also touches on the underlying story of a rape dispute between two Bahamian millionaires, Peter Nygård, and Louis Bacon, an American.

A week ago, a civil suit was filed in New York District Court against ten women accusing a Finnish-Canadian millionaire, clothing entrepreneur Peter Nygård, of sex crimes. At the time of the events, the youngest women say that they were only children aged 14 and 15. Nygård has denied having committed any crime.

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The mass action against Peter Nygård describes a "pampering party" organized by a Finnish-born millionaire in the Bahamas.

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According to the lawsuit and the New York Times, Nygård held "pampering parties" on his farm on Sunday afternoons, which recruited young women from shops, clubs and restaurants. According to the lawsuit, they were lured to the scene with promises of a model career.

Former Nygård employees have given the New York Times an invitation list with 700 women's names. Former employees report that guests were photographed when they arrived at the premises. Nygård only allowed young and slender women with a shapely ass - which Nygård called the toilet, according to the New York Times.

According to several women, Nygård raped them at the party.

The New York Times says it has been months of research and interviews with dozens of women and former Nygård employees.

- She predates the little girls of poor people, says Natasha Taylor, who worked for five years in Nygård's "palace."

On the other hand, the newspaper discovered that private detectives and lawyers associated with Bacon had paid alleged victims and witnesses to obtain evidence against a Finnish Canadian clothing company. According to Bacon, it is not aware of such charges.

Peter Nygård and Louis Bacon have been in dispute for a long time.

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The New York Times interviewed all ten women involved in a civil suit against Nygård. Journalists also spoke with five other women who claim they were exploited by Nygård when they were under 16 years old.

Nygård declined to be interviewed by the magazine. Ken Frydman, a spokesman for Nygård, says Nygård denies any allegations against him. According to him, Bacon has used more than a decade to tarnish Nygård's reputation by forcing women to develop and come up with outrageous stories about him.

A bitter litigation between millionaires flared up when a fire broke out in Nygård's farm in 2009. Authorities say the fire was an accident, but according to former employees, Nygård blamed the fire on Bacon. Since then, men have wasted tens of millions of dollars on lawsuits. According to the newspaper, Nygård, 78, had spread rumors in Bacon, Bahamas, that the man was a murderer and a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Bacon, 63, has accused Nygård of planning to kill him.

Two of the women interviewed by the New York Times have withdrawn their previous accusations of rape. According to the magazine, the sisters admitted that they had been paid for bringing charges against Nygård. According to the women, they were paid by Richette Ross, who was recruited by a lawyer on Bacon's payroll to search for victims of Nygård's alleged sex crimes. Ross denies having paid anyone to make allegations about Nygård.

According to the New York Times, among the women accused of Nygård are several people related to Ross.

At the same time, the New York Times found out that over the years, several Nygård female workers have also been accused of sexual harassment, inappropriate touching and rape: only one of them is involved in civil action.

One of the ex-employees she said was named in the New York Times story. At the time of the alleged act, a 32-year-old Danish woman claims Nygård raped her, but she did not dare to take the matter to the police. According to the woman, she received a silent letter of recommendation and a letter of recommendation for less than $ 7,000.

According to the New York Times, the United States Federal Police (FBI) and the National Security Agency have also investigated allegations of sex trafficking against Nygård, but those investigations have been closed.

Nygård has never been convicted of sexual offenses in court.

According to his representative, Peter Nygård denies all allegations.

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American lawyers who have filed a civil lawsuit say they have received new contacts from dozens of women who claim to have been victims of Nygård.

"The matter is important and good, no matter what the motives behind it," says Greg Gutzler, a leading lawyer in the lawsuit.

According to Gutzler, his company has no financial ties with Bacon.

Ilta-Sanomat interviewed Gutzler after the lawsuit was filed in New York District Court. According to Gutzler, the allegations in the mass action are based on evidence other than the women's accounts. Gutzler says he has been investigating the alleged events for two years.

- We have witnesses to confirm the information, we have evidence that the women have been present where the rape is alleged to be, we have photographic evidence, in some cases we have medical evidence and we have third parties telling us to bring and confirm the woman, what has happened.

Nygård has consistently denied having committed any crime. His agent had previously informed IS that a mass action was pending.

- The accusations are completely false, without foundation and are strongly denied. Peter Nygård expects to be able to fully uncover this scam and finally clear his name, the statement said.

At the weekend, her experiences with Nygård in the 1980s were also talked about by artist Katariina Souri, who gave an interview to Iltalehti and Helsingin Sanomat. According to Helsingin Sanomat, Souri said she had been subjected to sexual pressure and profane language.

- I was there all night. He didn't forcibly arrest me, no attempt was made to rape, but he was pressured by all means, Souri told HS.

Ilta-Sanomat reached out to Sour on Sunday, but he didn't want to comment further.

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