So let's go ahead and connect the Chinese situation.

Correspondent Jeong Sung-yeop says it has been a month since the Chinese government blocked Wuhan. How are people evaluating the government's response?


It was a month ago that Chinese authorities blocked Wuhan, a city of 10 million people, without warning.In the months that followed, Chinese authorities drew attention to the struggles of the medical staff and the heroic efforts of the citizens. Though he is trying to appease, the perception that Wuhan has been sacrificed by the authorities' poor initial response is not easily disappeared within Wuhan.

Still nearly a hundred people die every day, and the city has become a ghost town, almost dead.

To date, 1,856 people have died in Wuhan out of 2,442 deaths in China.


Still, there is an announcement that the whole of China has entered a stable state.


Today (23rd) there was no new confirmation here in Beijing. There were 18 confirmed patients outside Hubei.

Confidence in China's statistics is still questionable, but the authorities are stressing that the spread has slowed.

Based on this, many production activities have resumed, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefings, which will be conducted online, will continue as usual tomorrow.

However, people have already flocked to tourist destinations, but there are still voices saying that the peak of Corona 19 is unknown.


And research shows that the place where Corona 19 originated may not be the Wuhan fish market?


According to a research group affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, after analyzing 93 viral genomes in 12 countries around the world, there was a genotype that did not exist in Wuhan's fish market, but it appeared earlier than that found in the fish market. .

In other words, viruses that originated in other regions may have entered the fish market and spread all over the place.

(Video coverage: Ma Kyu)