Japanese man arrested in California, U.S.A. suspected of killing woman February 22, 18:11


A Japanese 25-year-old man was arrested in western California for allegedly killing a woman. The Japanese consulate general is collecting information, considering that the victim may be Japanese.

According to local police, a woman was killed in a residential building in San Jose, California, this month.

On the following day, the police investigated a man who appeared with a lawyer and was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Police arrested Huseya Ryoichi, 25, who was arrested, and the Consulate General of Japan confirmed that Huseya was Japanese.

On the other hand, the police do not disclose the name of the victim's woman until the family is contacted, but the Japanese consulate general is collecting information, considering the possibility of Japanese.

Police will investigate the relationship between the two and the details of the event.

San Jose is a city near San Francisco where IT-related companies gather and has direct flights to Japan.