Every day to the super around the corner and only stock brands, or do all the bargains once a week? In the section Het Bonnetje , we talk to an ordinary (or slightly less ordinary) Dutch person about his or her supermarket strategy every week.

Who: Annelies Emmens (25)
Lives : in Utrecht
Earns a living with: Owner of Adoptiekit.nl, a webshop and blog for new dog owners
Household: Lives with husband Jan and dog De Kluts.

Annelies receipt

  • Broccoli 0.67 euros
  • Green beans 0.59 euros
  • Winter carrot 0.38 euros
  • Zucchini 0.59 euros
  • Sweet potatoes 2.11 euros
  • Butter unsalted butter 1.89 euros
  • Long-life whole milk 1.25 euros
  • Tomato cubes 0.75 euros
  • Tomato puree 0.36 euros
  • Green curry paste 0.99 euros
  • Coconut milk 1.08 euros
  • Coconut milk organic 2.49 euros
  • Tandoori spice paste 0.99 euros
  • Massaman pasta 0.99 euros
  • Paniki 0.99 euros
  • Red curry paste 0.99 euros
  • Table salt 0.45 euros
  • Breakfast cereals 1.50 euros
  • Total: 19.06 euros

You are an ethologist, someone who studies animal behavior, do you eat animals yourself?

"Yes, I have no problems with that. I do have a problem with the organic industry. So we do not often eat meat, at most twice a month. All the meat we eat is almost exclusively organic. we also look at whether it is about to be thrown away, otherwise it would be a waste. "

"We also pay attention to what kind of meat it is. Pigs are treated the worst in the bio-industry, so we buy that least, followed by chicken. In terms of animal welfare, we prefer to buy beef."

Are there any other things you should pay attention to when shopping?

"I try to pay attention to plastic use. At the ALDI many vegetables are packed in plastic, so I walk further into the Nettorama, because that store has more products that are not packed in plastic."

"We pay attention to this, because only a very small part of it is recycled and the rest is simply incinerated as waste. Most of this happens outside of the Netherlands, so we also saddle other countries with the problem."

Annelies and De Kluts (Source: Instagram / adoptiekit.nl)

Something completely different: your dog is called De Kluts, why does your dog have a name with an article?

"I had wanted a dog for a while, and my husband had a veto over the name. He then coined De Kluts with a friend as a joke. I actually thought that was a nice name, so we took it."

Are you already done with the joke: "O have you lost De Kluts again?"

"Haha no! I still like him a lot."

Do you also call De Kluts when you go to the shit with him?

"No, I just call Klutsie, or Kluts. When we talk about him or when we get home we call him De Kluts."