While Italy is the European country most affected by the coronavirus epidemic, 11 cities in the country have been quarantined, mainly in the region of Lombardy. But on the spot, the Italians met by Europe 1 seem to trust the authorities which carry out controls, in particular at the airport of Milan.


While a third patient died of coronavirus in Italy, a woman suffering from cancer, more than 132 people are now infected with Covid-19 in the "boot", and the government has quarantined 11 cities in the north of the country, mainly in Lombardy. However, our reporter saw on the spot that most Italians in this region are calm.

"You still have to take some precautions"

At Milan Airport, as soon as they get off the plane, a Red Cross team is waiting for passengers to take their temperature. In the arrivals hall some people are wearing masks, they are tourists, car rental companies, or airport staff, a confusing atmosphere for Angelo, taxi driver. "It's a little strange, people stay away from each other," he testified at the microphone of Europe 1. "I am not worried about the virus, but I think that it is necessary when even take some precautions. The authorities control the travelers who land, that is enough. "

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Shops, bars and schools closed

Like Angelo, most Italians crusaders claim to trust the authorities. He even offers to go to one of the 10 municipalities in Lombardy placed under quarantine since Saturday evening. On site, no entry or exit, bars, shops and even schools remain closed during quarantine. Italy is the first European country to set up such a system, which is reminiscent of the shutdown in China of the city of Wuhan, epicenter of the epidemic which has claimed thousands of lives across a thirty countries.