A gendarmerie vehicle (illustration). - ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

Friday, gendarmes from the motorway platoon of Marmande stopped a motorist in Houeilles on the departmental road D8 which drove at 142 km / h instead of 80 km / h (134 km / h retained is an overshooting of 50 km / h). The controlled forty-something will serve without blinking the military a fairly original justification that they tell on their Facebook page.

He advanced very seriously "always driving at 110 km / h because he said he had a TOC (obsessive compulsive disorder) to the point of having to drive with the needle of his meter straight ahead in front of him in the direction of travel or 110 km / h ". And if at the time of the control he exceeded this speed, it is because he was not looking at the needle “because he had just overtaken a truck but maintains that his TOC forces him to drive at 110 km / h… Outside built-up areas. "

The gendarmes withdrew his license from the forties, who also lost six points. He is also liable to a fine of up to 1,500 euros.

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