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Alexander Bolshunov's surface burned completely - he threw his skis and tore his racing vest


The Russian ski star took the crushing defeat hard.

Alexander Bolshunov did not hide his feelings in Trondheim after collapsing in the final round of the Nordic mini-tour.

A leading Russian competitor lost his chance at instrumental problems. The Russian service team was completely unsuccessful in bad weather conditions. Bolshunov eventually finished seventh in the overall competition.

According to NRK, Bolshunov tore his racing vest and scored on his skis after scoring. He left the area angry without giving interviews.

The winner of the tour was Norway's Pål Golberg, who had entered the last race 34 seconds behind Bolshunov. In the finish, the difference for the Norwegian was one minute and 41 seconds.

The Norwegians took six first place in the overall competition.

Russian coach Markus Cramer said he was hurting to watch Bolshunov ski.

- They (skiers) worked hard, but they didn't have the opportunity. If normal conditions would have been like during the women's race, I'm sure he (Bolshunov) would have won, Cramer said to NRK for.

In the overall race, Simen Hegstad Krüger, who was ranked second, lost his sympathy to Bolshunov.

- I am sorry for him. He was very strong on this Tour, which obviously collapsed into skiing problems, Krüger told NRK.

Iivo Niskanen was eighth among the best Finnish men in the competition.

The World Cup will continue next weekend in Lahti.


Trondheim, Norway:

World Cup, Nordic Tour 6/6, Men:

End of tour: 1) Pål Golberg Norway 1.23.51,6, 2) Simen Hegstad Krüger Norway -28.9, 3) Hans Christer Holund Norway -30.1, 4) Emil Iversen Norway -32.3, 5) Martin Löwström Nyenget Norway –32.9, 6) Johannes Hösflot Kläbo Norway –34.2, 7) Alexander Bolshunov Russia –1.41.0, 8) Iivo Niskanen Finland –1.48.2, 9) Sjur Röthe Norway –2.52.8, 10) Dario Cologna Switzerland - 3.00.8,

... 49) Lauri Vuorinen Finland –16.49.3.

Fastest stage 6, 39 km (p): 1) Iversen 1.21.25,9, 2) Niskanen -10,9, 3) Holund -37,8, 4) Krüger -48.6, 5) Kläbo -59, 9, 6) Nyenget –1.12,6, 7) Golberg –1.51,7, 8) Cologna –2.18,5,… 43) Vuorinen –6.01,0.

Source: isfi

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