The Shinzo Abe regime has invited high-ranking government officials for eight consecutive years at an event held by the Japanese local governments, calling it "Dokdo is Japanese territory."

According to Kyodo News, Takashi Fujiwara's Cabinet minister attended the `` Takeshima Day '' ceremony held in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture today (22).

Fujiwara government official visited the Takeshima Archive in Matsue City before attending the Memorial.

Here, there is an exhibition of materials that claim Dokdo is Japanese territory.

It has been eight years since the Japanese government sent the Minister of State Affairs, the Undersecretary of State, to the Takeshima Day event, which began in 2013 after Prime Minister Abe regained power in December 2012.

Abe's cabinet insists that Dokdo is 'Japan's own territory in international law, even in the light of historical facts'. It's possible.

Earlier, the National Assembly of Representatives, acting to protect Japan's territory, made up of Japanese opposition lawmakers, argued that the Eto-Seiichi Japan Territorial Prize should attend the Takeshima Day.

(Photo: Navy provided, Yonhap News)