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The PNV says it will collect the contributions and pay the pensions but the government lowers the agreement


The Basque Government will not only pay the pensions of the Basque Country, but also collect the fees and manage the flows. That is, a new step clearly aimed at that Seg

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The Basque Government will not only pay the pensions of the Basque Country, but also collect the fees and manage the flows. That is, a new step clearly aimed at that own Social Security that seeks nationalist formation.

Or at least, that is what the PNV maintains that through its spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban , did not hesitate to affirm this Friday that "the economic management of Social Security is that Euskadi collects the fees, make payments and carry the flows. "

To this, Esteban added that the payroll of pensions "should arrive with the shield of the Basque Government or the Basque institutions." In other words, that pensioners and retirees have no doubt that the payment is made by the Executive of the Basque Country and not the State.

As a definitive sign that the intention of the PNV is to create its own Social Security, in the interview it gave to Radio Euskadi, he warned that the ultimate goal is "the total transfer of pensions", regardless of how, as he himself recognized, that possibility is not included in the Statute of Guernica.

However, if you follow what the Government of Pedro Sánchez says, it could be concluded that both parties have agreed on a totally different document. And it is that sources of the Ministry of Social Security stress that what is included in point 32 of the agreement signed is the following: "Start studies for the examination of matters related to the economic management of Social Security." And that these studies will begin in June 2021. Nothing more.

The Executive, therefore, rejects that the transfer that the PNV affirms and that advanced the general secretary of the Socialist Party of Euskadi, Idoia Mendia, has already taken place . Moreover, they explain that the work that will begin next year can effectively end the transfer of pension payments or not.

It seems complicated, however, that the latter possibility becomes a reality and, despite the differences in the speeches, it seems clear that the Basque Government will end up paying at least the pensions. The Sanchez Executive is doomed to understand and content the PNV, and the Basque Nationalist Party is determined to use this situation to achieve its objective.

Social Security Lawyers advise

Aware of all this, the Professional Association of the Superior Body of Lawyers of the Social Security Administration warned, also this Friday, that the transfer of pensions to the Basque Country not only threatens "the equality of all Spaniards", but that It directly affects the so-called single box .

This was evidenced in a harsh statement, to which he has had access in this newspaper, and in which they were also very critical of the way in which the negotiation and the agreement between the regional government and the central.

"This is a decision taken without the indispensable intervention of the Toledo Pact , a forum for political and social consensus in the field of Social Security, established within the Congress of Deputies with the primary objective of guaranteeing the social protection system public through the consensus of the different political parties, "they argue.

The lawyers cite the European Commission and the Constitutional Court to argue their criticism to the measure, and end up emphasizing that the transfer "would inevitably lead to the beginning of the breaking of the solidarity of the System and the equality of all Spaniards in matters performance ".

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