Member of Parliament Mikko Kärnä (Center) emphasizes that every relationship he has had in his life has been consensual. Consensual means consensual.

- I have worked in my private life as people in their private lives serve, Kärnä says the Finnish News Agency STT.

"I have not committed any type of crime and I have not disturbed anyone," he continues.

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Seiska reported Thursday that Kärnä ended up spending twice an intimate night with a stranger during her marriage. She tells Seiska that she first met Carna in a pub in 2014 and ended up in a hotel room. According to the woman, they met again in about a month and spent another night in the hotel.

According to Seiska, Kärnä has been texting her for two years. Kärnä asked her to send pictures of herself, but she refused. Kärnä, in turn, sent a nude photo of herself to the woman, two of whom show the Kärna genitalia.

Kärnä did not take the position to tell the woman. He told the BTI that he would not comment on his private life in any way.

Kärnä hopes that if he was guilty he would be convicted in court

She says to Seiska that it was "flattering to get the man's attention, but the messaging was exhausting." Kärnä says he hoped that if he had been harassed, he would be convicted in court.

According to Kärnän, the message frustration has not been addressed in the party, because "the private life of the people in the center is not politics".

Kärnä does not feel that he has a need to reflect on what the fuss means for the party.

- Voters politically evaluate every politician's actions, Kärnä says.

Kärnä is a MP for the second term. He rose to parliament for the first time since the spring 2015 elections, when MEP Paavo Väyrynen decided to continue in the European Parliament. Kärnä had to leave his seat in June 2018 when Väyrynen returned to Parliament.

In last spring's parliamentary elections, Kärnä was elected as a Member of Parliament with 6,480 votes.

Prior to his parliamentary career, Kärnä was the Mayor of Enontekiö since 2012.

In May last year, Kärnä and his wife filed for divorce. They married in 2008 and they have two children.