A spectacular flight of a fireball was recorded on Thursday evening in Tampere.

The fireball sparkled in the sky with extraordinarily bright light. The show started at 6.20 pm. The fireball took about six seconds.

The flight is photographed with a video camera on Ursa's Tampere Observatory. The camera is facing north.

What was strange about the fireball was that the celestial body approached the Earth from a slight angle.

"Then the fireball would be the so-called touch of the globe," says Kari A. Kuure, Deputy Chairman of Ursa Tampere.

A fireball is a piece from space. It is usually stone.

- In this case, it's a relatively small song. They are usually from one pound to one hundred pounds.

When a celestial object enters the atmosphere below 100 kilometers, the atmosphere begins to become dense enough to resist falling and slowing down speed.

- As a result, the air heats up to a few thousand degrees. The glowing air is what is actually shown in the picture.

The song itself is so small that you can't see it in the picture.

The mass of a celestial body is determined when Ursa has obtained all the images and calculated speeds and trajectories.

Kari A. Kuure says that fireballs appear every now and then. On Thursday morning, there was a sighting of a fireball. It was, however, darker than the observation made at Tampere evening.

- This is the brightest of the observations made this year.

The fireball was first told by Aamulehti.