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Election campaign: He did what he could


For eight weeks, Mats Borgwardt (SPD) distributed flyers, pasted posters, held talks and kept his team happy. Now the only question is: will it be enough?

Isn't it great to be a politician? Mats Borgwardt, 33, SPD citizenship candidate in constituency 3 Altona, has been through an eight-week campaign. It was a nice, intense time, he says. Mainly for one reason: because doing something, making a difference, more than others.

There is a sad reason for this observation. Two days ago, a radical right-wing murderer killed eleven people in Hanau. Those who not only find it bad, but want to do something, says Borgwardt, who of course can go to demonstrate. But if you want to do more and ultimately achieve something, you have to do politics. Mats Borgwardt has been in the SPD since his youth, that is family tradition. His decision to get involved in his party came when Trump was elected President three years ago. Since then, Borgwardt has made second place in the SPD in his constituency, which has included invitations to eight panel discussions. He had many conversations at front doors and information stands, distributed them in the dark at the train station flyer and kept a team of helpers happy. For two months he did what he could do, which is why he can live with the results whatever the outcome.

Now is a short moment of calm, after the election campaign, before the election, as if you had kicked the billiards and watched the ball. The Altona 3 constituency comprises the more central, urban part of the Altona district. Ottensen, Schanze, Altstadt, this is a green area. Should the SPD become the strongest party against expectations, Borgwardt is a citizen. If the Greens win, it will be tight for him, then it depends on the distances to the left, CDU and FDP.

A Social Democrat cannot be sure of victory here, that would be presumptuous. Mats Borgwardt is already confident. The mood for the SPD was much better than last spring, during the district and European elections. The polls speak for him that the events in Thuringia could harm the CDU and FDP enough to allow him to move in, who knows. In general, political times, even apolitical friends have recently started talking about politics.

The best experiences? Panel discussions with the political Bundesliga, he once competed against Marcus Weinberg from the CDU, the top candidate and long-standing member of the Bundestag - and he had the impression that he could keep up. Confidence in your own abilities grows. At first he was sometimes scared, that's over.

The most serious mistake? Not really, just that the new recycled cardboard eco posters he'd hung up with four friends over a four-day period could only withstand storm Sabine for a few hours.

Mats Borgwardt spent the evening after Hanau in a mosque, not an election campaign, but rather campaign advertising: voting why it matters, how you do it. He was the only one without a migration background that evening, he says. And that it had impressed him how the people attending the service had reacted to the news of the murders, seriously, objectively, committed, and in turn without malice. Had he there, he says carefully, another reaction would have been understandable. Politics broaden the horizon.

Source: zeit

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