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Coronavirus: 14 infected in Lombardy, two in Veneto. Hope: mandatory quarantine


Coronavirus, two other cases of contagion in Padua after the 14 cases in Lombardy. A 38-year-old from Castiglione d'Adda who had dined with colleagues returned from China was infected; his wife also hospitalized. ISS: similar outbreak in Germany contained shortly. In Castiglione d'Adda postponed carnival. Codogno closes schools, bars and clubs

  • Coronavirus: 14 infected in Lombardy, two in Veneto. Hope: mandatory quarantine
  • Coronavirus. Burioni: "First six cases in Italy, do not panic. But asymptomatic transmit viruses"
  • Coronavirus. Ricciardi: "We need to understand if we are facing a small outbreak"
  • Coronavirus: three infected in the Lodi area, quarantine for over 60 people
  • In Codogno, in the Lodi area, the fourth case of coronavirus in Italy. The chronicle of the correspondent of Rainews24
  • Coronavirus, Spallanzani: cured Italian researcher. Improve the Chinese couple
  • Councilor Gallera to Rainews24: "We have reconstructed the contacts of the coronavirus-positive man"
  • Coronavirus. Ricciardi: "We need to understand if we are facing a small outbreak"


February 21, 2020

We have prepared "a plan that clearly has immediate choices, which concern the territory that has been circumscribed, because the essential objective is that
to limit this area, to keep it in a specific geographical area ": this is what Health Minister Roberto Speranza said at a press conference in Milan.

In Italy there are 16 infections
In total there are 14 positive cases of Coronavirus in Lombardy, with the 8 new reported in the press conference to the Region. To these must be added the other 2 cases in Veneto, positive results in the first tests.

"Compared to the swabs of these hours we have negative evidence but on the other hand we have identified 8 positivity of which 5 health workers and 3 patients at the Codogno hospital". The councilor for Lombard welfare Giulio Gallera announced it during the press conference at Palazzo Lombardia, in the presence of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, which are added to the six cases already known.

In Italy there are 16 infections
In total there are 14 positive cases of Coronavirus in Lombardy, with the 8 new reported in the press conference to the Region. To these must be added the other 2 cases in Veneto, positive results in the first tests.

Insulation measures in 10 municipalities in the Lodi area
"We are preparing an ordinance that prohibits any aggregation activity in 10 municipalities in the Lodi area". The councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Giulio Gallera said during the press conference. For a week people will stay indoors. Among the municipalities concerned Codogno, Casalpusterlengo, Maleo, Fombio, Somaglia, Castiglione d'Adda, Bertonico, Castelgerundo, Terranova dei Passerini.

Two elderly people infected in Padua
The first two cases of contagion from Coronavirus in Veneto have been ascertained. These are two elderly people, both tested positive in the Infectious Diseases department of the Padua Hospital, where the two patients are still hospitalized. The test swabs were sent to the Spallanzani Institute in Rome for further feedback.

Ordinance of the Ministry of Health
Following the morning meeting of the scientific and technical committee that investigated the reports of new cases of Coronavirus Covid-19, the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, "issued a new ordinance", which "provides mandatory quarantine isolation measures for close contacts, with a positive case. " The ordinance provides "active surveillance with fiduciary home permanence for those who have been in risk areas in the last 14 days, with the obligation of reporting by the person concerned to the local health authorities". This is what the Ministry of Health says in a note.

Ippolito: new phase with cases in Italy
"The cases reported in Lombardy are the first that occurred on Italian territory and make us enter a new phase". So Giuseppe Ippolito, scientific director of the National Institute for Spallanzani Infectious Diseases in Rome, on the sidelines of the work of the Coronavirus Task Force that took place this morning at the Ministry of Health. "For the first time - he specifies - we have gone from import cases to cases of local circulation of the virus".

ISS: similar outbreak in Germany contained shortly
"The first positive case at the Sacco Hospital in Milan has been confirmed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. For the first time in Italy there have also been cases of local transmission of new coronavirus infection. The Lombardy Region in close collaboration with ISS and the Ministry of Health has launched investigations into patient contacts in order to take the necessary preventive measures. A similar outbreak had already occurred in Germany and was contained relatively quickly. " The director of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Giovanni Rezza, writes it on the ISS website. "The control measures adopted by the Ministry of Health which include, in addition to the hospital isolation of cases and the quarantine of contacts, also measures of social distancing in the affected areas and are among the most restrictive in the event of an epidemic - he adds -. represented by the identification of the source of infection on which, however, there is still no certainty. The need for further measures will also depend on this. The alert level is very high and the local authorities have already implemented important investigations and control measures in collaboration with all the institutions involved ".

The general practitioner of the infected person has pneumonia
The 38-year-old Coronavirus-positive primary care physician is hospitalized with pneumonia. As far as we learn, the doctor would be hospitalized in Milan.

Man returned from China had influence
The man who returned from China who may be the 'carrier' of the Coronavirus in the Lodi area had a flu syndrome when he met the 38-year-old at dinner. According to what is learned, the man now hospitalized in the Sacco and negative test result returned to Italy with a flight of China Airlines on January 21st. Between 1 and 8 February he allegedly had flu symptoms and during that time he would have met the 38-year-old from Codogno.

Three infected are retired customers of a bar
In addition to the 38-year-old and his wife, there would be three pensioners, customers of a bar in Castiglione d'Adda and the son of the owner of the exercise, the other four Coronavirus positive. According to what Ansa learns, the owner's son had played soccer with the 38-year-old, while the other three are only customers of the bar and would never have come into direct contact with him.

"All infected go to the sack"
"All positive people are brought to Sacco when they are able": explained the councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera at the press conference to take stock of the coronavirus. The patient admitted to intensive care in Codogno (Lodi) should be moved in the early afternoon.

Parents of the 38 year old: our very serious son
"Our son is very serious". The parents of the infected 38-year-old say so, speaking on "On Sunday he started not feeling well, on Monday morning he called the general practitioner who found a flu, he got worse at night and went to the emergency room where they found pneumonia in the morning", explains the mother, "after two hours he was not well and he returned to the emergency room where they hospitalized him, then he got worse and they intubated him ". "Sometimes we call resuscitation and they give us some information," he adds. The parents, who have not yet been swabbed, explain: "We are fine, we have no symptoms. But we cannot really say that we are fine, it is a heresy. They told us not to go out and not to let in nobody".

A positive at Sacco in Milan, another 5 in Codogno
Among the positive cases of Coronavirus at the Sacco hospital in Milan, as far as we learn, only the 38-year-old's wife is currently hospitalized. The other 5 positive cases are hospitalized in Codogno. Al Sacco is also the 'index case' which was negative on tests but is the person who returned from China with whom the 38-year-old dined several times in early February. The goal of the Region is however to bring everyone to the Sack as soon as possible.

250 people in solitary confinement
To date we have a large number of people we are working on, to date about 250 people are in isolation and to whom we will buffer. "Explained the regional councilor for welfare Giulio Gallera. Of the 250 placed in isolation, 149 are nurses , doctors, family members and people who came into direct contact with the 38-year-old hospitalized in Codogno. Then there are the employees who work in his company and have had direct contact with him. "We are focusing - added Maria Gramegna, of the general management Welfare - even those with whom he had played sports in the previous days ".

Woman in solitary confinement in Piacenza
A symptomatic woman is hospitalized in the infectious diseases ward of the Piacenza Hospital and connects the coronavirus positive patient to the Unilever of Lodi. The Emilia-Romagna Region said in a note. The outcome of this swab is expected from this patient examined at the Sant'Orsola regional reference laboratory.

The citizens of the area are invited to stay at home
"As a precaution, all citizens of Castiglione d'Adda and Codogno are invited to stay at home and avoid social contacts": this is the invitation of the councilor for Welfare of Lombardy Giulio Gallera, after the cases of Coronavirus in the Lodigiano area. "For those who experience flu symptoms or respiratory problems - added Gallera - the peremptory indication is not to go to the emergency room but to contact directly the number 112 which will evaluate every single situation and activate specific routes for transport to the healthcare facilities in charge or to possibly carry out the necessary tests at home ". "A regional task force has been active since last night - explained the councilor - which is operating in close contact with the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection. Most of the contacts of people who tested positive for Coronavirus have been identified and submitted the necessary investigations and measures. "

Codogno closes schools, bars and clubs
The mayor of Codogno, with two different ordinances, ordered the closing of the schools for the afternoon of today and for tomorrow, and "at least until Sunday" of all "the administration of food and drink, to the public entertainment and public meeting and gathering places "such as discos, dance halls, game rooms and sports facilities. the measure, explained the commissioner for public works Severino Giovannini, was taken as a precaution.

The carnival has been postponed in Castiglione d'Adda
There is "concern but there are no dramatic situations" in Castiglione d'Adda (Lodi) where the parents of the man infected with the Coronavirus reside. This was explained by the deputy mayor, Stefano Priori, who announced that the celebrations for the carnival have been suspended and that the schools are being closed. An invitation not to leave the house has been issued in the Lower Lodi area with about 4600 inhabitants.

Quarantine facilities are assessed
"Civil defense is trying to locate a hotel, barracks or military facility to quarantine all people." This was said by the councilor for welfare of the Lombardy region, Giulio Gallera, in common agreement with that of the civil protection, Pietro Foroni, this morning at a press conference announcing the need for "civil or military" places to be set up for large quantities of people from put in isolation. At the moment, 250 have already been identified - which will buffer today - to reconstruct their movements, but the number could rise if, in chain, these others have had contact with many others.

Mayor Casalpusterlengo spreads prevention handbook
The mayor of Casalpusterlengo, Elia Delmiglio, just over 15 thousand inhabitants in the province of Lodi, published on Facebook the ministry of health vademecum to be followed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus infection. Even Delmiglio, in fact, was summoned to the Lombardy Region together with the first citizens of Castiglione d'Adda and Codogno. These are ten simple rules, from washing your hands often to using the mask only if you suspect you are sick or if you are assisting sick people. - In a note, also published on the website of the Municipality of Casalpusterlengo, we read: "A 38-year-old boy hospitalized in intensive care at Codogno hospital tested positive for the coronavirus test. Counter-analyzes are underway by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. At the moment, access to the Emergency Department at Codogno Hospital, at a precautionary level, are currently interrupted. People who have been in contact with the patient are being identified and subjected to specific checks and necessary measures. Updates will follow. "

Fontana: plans to increase measurements
"With Minister Speranza we will try to understand if the measures or precautions should be raised further or if those taken may be sufficient. We certainly have in mind a series of measures that we will propose to the minister". This was stated by the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana. "We must be serious in dealing with the emergency but we must not spread panic - explained Fontana -. Nobody thinks of closing the cities, but we will have to make assessments on public places and on the events that occur in that territory. Already some mayors have sports are suspended. You have to be cautious and calm, they are only measures that have the meaning of avoiding any type of risk ".

Plan to avoid family medical contagion
The family doctor who visits a patient with suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 must be equipped with a safety system: FPP2 and FPP3 masks, overalls and glasses (provided by the ASL) to avoid becoming a contaminating subject himself. In the event that he has visited a patient who has subsequently tested positive without a safety system, he must quarantine himself. Silvestro Scotti, secretary of Fimmg, illustrated the dynamics to be put in place - already to the attention of the ministry's task force.

Burioni: quarantine for anyone returning from China
The latest news leads me to repeat for the umpteenth time the only important thing. Those returning from China must be quarantined. Without exceptions. I hope politicians understand this because the consequences of an error would be irreparable. "Roberto Burioni wrote on Facebook, commenting on the case of the 38-year-old infected in Lombardy.

Conte: don't panic, we are a maximum precaution
"We immediately adopted a maximum precautionary line, this allows us to drive away any social alarmism and any panic. You must trust the official indications of the Ministry of Health". So did Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in Brussels for the European Council. "We are already at the level of maximum precaution," he adds. "An isolation treatment has been arranged for all those who have come into contact" with the three new ones infected in the Lodi area.

You are being monitored in Genoa, negative test
"Negative tests for cases under examination at the Policlinico San Martino. We will be in touch shortly for any information. We keep our guard seriously". This was announced on Fb by the vice president and health councilor of the Liguria Region, Sonia Viale. Four Chinese citizens, a father and three children, all from the same family who returned on February 15 from an area of ​​China particularly affected by the coronavirus, had been hospitalized in the Genoese hospital.

Source: rainews

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