China announced at dawn on Saturday new data on the spread of the Corona virus and the deaths caused by it, while the deadly virus continues to appear in various parts of the world, which caused concern of the World Health Organization.

And the Chinese National Health Commission explained at dawn on Saturday that 109 new deaths were recorded due to the emerging corona virus, which raises the death toll from the virus to 2345.

397 new cases were reported across the country, bringing the total number of cases to nearly 76,000.

South Korea
For its part, South Korea announced at dawn on Saturday the registration of 142 new infections with the Coruna virus, which brings the total number of infections in the country to 346 cases.

A new death has also been reported, bringing the number of people who have died from the virus to two in South Korea.

In Italy, the health authorities announced on Friday the death of an Italian elderly from infection with the new Corona virus, as the first European to die of this virus, hours after the closure of 10 towns on suspicion of other infections.

The Italian Health Minister, Roberto Speranza, announced the death of Adriano Trevisan, 78, in hospital, after she had previously been confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus.

Adriano, a retired worker from the Veneto region in the north of the country, is one of two injured people in the region, while 15 other injuries have been discovered in the Lombardy region, and the authorities have taken immediate measures to isolate her.

In a press release, the authorities said that five doctors and 10 other people were infected with the virus in Lombardy after mixing in the same bar and in the same circle of friends, in addition to having two cases in Veneto.

500,000 people were asked to remain in their homes in the areas where the injuries occurred, while all activities and gatherings in public places were canceled.

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In Ukraine, Minister of Health Zoriana Skalitska joined a number of her citizens who have been quarantined for 14 days after being evacuated from China, in a symbolic sign of solidarity.

Minister Silphy posted on her Facebook account, and said that she will be quarantined in a room at a health facility in the town of Novi Sanjari (center of the country) and that she will perform her duties by phone and Skype.

In Iran, four of the 13 people confirmed to have contracted the Corona virus died.

The record of deaths and injuries in Iran led to the adoption of precautionary measures by neighboring countries to prevent the transmission of infection to them.

Iraq prevented yesterday the Iranians from entering its lands, and prevented its citizens from visiting this country until further notice.

Kuwait Airways suspended its flights to Iran, Kuwaiti ports stopped transporting people to and from Iran, and the Ministry of Health advised citizens not to travel to the Iranian city of Qom.

In Turkey, Minister of Health Fakhruddin Koujah said today that he had discussed on the phone with his Iranian counterpart Saeed Namki about the file of the emergence of the virus in Iran.

The Turkish minister added that since yesterday his staff began conducting medical checks for travelers from Iran, and the authorities have taken precautionary measures at the Gorbulak border crossing with Iran to prevent the transmission of the disease.

The Turkish minister stated that his Iranian counterpart told him that the number of suspected cases of corona in his country has risen to 750, and the number of confirmed injuries is about 18.

For his part, Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced today the registration of the first infection with the Corona virus for a 45-year-old woman.

He added in a press conference that it was coming from the Iranian city of Qom, and that it was subject to medical quarantine. The Minister indicated that the health authorities suspected that two additional HIV infections had also been presented on an Iranian plane.

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On Friday, the UAE announced two new cases of the disease, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 11.

Egypt, in turn, had previously announced that it had recorded cases of corona, as it was the first African country to show the virus.

The first case of a woman who arrived on Friday morning aboard the cruise ship "Diamond Princess", on which Japan imposed a quarantine since the beginning of this month, was recorded in Israel.

The World Health Organization has warned that the opportunity to contain the virus in the world is shrinking, stressing the need for countries to move quickly to control the spread of the epidemic.

It is noteworthy that the Corona virus first appeared in China on December 12, 2019 in the central city of Wuhan.