• PSOE.Felipe González believes that Delcy Rodríguez "shouldn't have gone through Spain"
  • Congress.The PP already holds Pedro Sánchez responsible for the 'Delcy case'
  • 'Caso Delcy'.Interior prepared the arrival of Delcy Rodríguez to Barajas 24 hours before

The news that the Government knew a day before the arrival of Delcy Rodriguez to Madrid and that the Ministry of Interior notified the Police long before his plane took off has shaken the Delcy case and spurred the main opposition party.

The PP will start a new parliamentary offensive that will include a battery of written questions to the Government and the request for new data on the meeting between the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, and the Vice President of Venezuela.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered in Congress a petition, which has been accessed by EL MUNDO, in which it requests the "customs declaration of diplomatic bag submitted to the Department of Customs and Special Taxes" that the Venezuelan delegation that had accompanied Delcy Rodriguez.

The party chaired by Pablo Casado also requires the "verbal note" sent by the Venezuelan embassy in Spain to proceed with the withdrawal of the suitcase, which was presented to the Barajas Airport Security Office, as well as "any other official documentation that accompanies on the fly. "

The claim, which is produced on the basis of article 7 of the Congress Regulations, is addressed to the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Finance. Said article specifies that "the deputies, prior knowledge of the respective Parliamentary Group, will have the power to collect from the Public Administrations the data, reports or documents that are held by them."

And "the requested Administration must provide the requested documentation or state to the president of the Congress, within a period not exceeding 30 days and for its most convenient transfer to the applicant, the reasons based on law that prevent it."

Luggage, airplane hold and suitcase

In addition, the Popular Party has registered a battery of 17 questions for the Executive to answer in writing. Among them, the following: "Is it usual that the hold baggage is not checked and that it is also delivered to the feet of the plane to personnel outside the flight?" And if that constitutes "a security breach."

If they had not been given diplomatic bag status, the suitcases should have been checked, the PP argues. The Practical Guide of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Spain, edited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specifies that diplomatic bags must be collected in a place authorized for this purpose when they are carried by a diplomatic courier or, failing that, in the company's offices aerial, if the person carrying the suitcase is the commander of the aircraft.

The PP also announced that he will ask for the appearance of Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska in Congress to explain why his department knew the day before Rodriguez arrived to come to Spain. Thing that Interior denies and sources of the operation strongly confirm, because the police were aware of the trip on Saturday, January 18. He arrived at dawn on January 20.

Once the hypothesis of the "reaction" to a problem has been dismantled, the Popular Party believes that the case has transcended Ábalos to become the responsibility of the President of the Government.

The secretary general of the popular , Teodoro García Egea, said Thursday that the revelations of this newspaper "are extremely serious" and point directly to the chief executive: "Sanchez should give a press conference before the Justice asks him to give a reconnaissance wheel ".

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