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The pistol, the ax, the big scissors ... Jarkko, the steward, reveals what they are trying to bring to a teen-friendly event


The Assembly Game Event has been rolling in at the Helsinki Fair Center. Security Manager Jarkko Girs explains what it is like to keep order in a teen-filled hall.

The Assembly Winter 2020 online gaming event started yesterday at the Helsinki Fair Center and has seen a massive crowd of teenagers.

- Are there any crises? The event's security manager, Jarkko Girs, 42, asks his organizing colleagues with concern.

Girs jokes and questions the functionality of his earpiece, wondering how he hasn't been wanted for two hours. However, colleagues are reassuring that the incident has begun in a relaxed manner and there has been no reason to disturb the security officer.

Jarkko Girs, 42, has been the security manager for Assembly for two years.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

Girs has been involved with Assy now for ten years. A couple of years ago, he was named current security chief was washed.

There are 20 law enforcement officers in Girs' command. The number of supervisors for more than two thousand participants may seem small, but this is explained by the lawyer, due to the Assy's non-alcoholic nature. The event does not sell or bring alcohol.

Behind the fair's hall is a loading entrance, where young participants come to the lanai and toss their belongings. The circular, metal-enclosed corridor has been designated by the Girs as the entrance pig.

Launchers arrive from the loading door along the "pig" to lan.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

At the end of the Sikh, law enforcement officers inspect the computers and bags packed in the youth rolls.

- If people are in possession of substances or objects that should not be brought in, we have such a seizure-type cloakroom, he explains and points to a red, sturdy-looking locker.


The last event came with one guy who had forgotten a pistol in his bag.

As the youngsters queue up with their skateboarders, Girs becomes immersed in the memory of the oddities of the lan people's goods.

- The last buzzer (Assembly Summer 2019) came with one guy who had forgotten a pistol in his bag, Girs says.

Girs recalls that the pistol had something to do with the bully's shooting.

- He was going or coming from his shooting hobby, and he was with him. We were told it could not be brought to life, he continues.

Assembly implementers queue for security clearance.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

However, such so-called "loggerheads" live on over time, so Girn wants to summon Georg Ahdin, 44, known to his friends as "The Keke," who was in the situation.

- No, when it joined this participant's cosplay outfit, Ahti corrects.

Cosplay, or costume play, is an outfit in which people dress up as manga, cartoon or game characters. Costumes are often accompanied by a sword or weapon used by the character.

Georg "Keke" Ahti, 44, is a law enforcement officer for the third time at an event organized by Assembly.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

- He came with a suitcase in his cosplay outfit for security screening. I asked him if he had something that might interest me. He squirmed a little and yelled out, "yeah, kind of," Ahti says.

Ahti suspects to set some sort of ball-weapon, but can not take a position on its authenticity, namely, he saw that it was only a half meters away and moved out of the participant's incoming queue into the hands of a colleague. The pistol-like uprising was captured during the incident because, according to Ahdi, even such misunderstandings cannot afford to be misunderstood.

- It was found that this is not the way forward from now on!

A robust, locked locker to store prohibited items during Assembly.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

Girs lists other strange items that have been found.

"There have been very big scissors, hatchet axes and other such hiking gear, which from our point of view is not necessarily necessary here," Girs lists.

- Suddenly, I don't come up with any rational reason for it (someone would bring an ax to an online game event), he laughs.

One half-meter screwdriver has also come to mind in Girs.

- However, the young man had a good explanation for that screwdriver. He had a play chair with one of the adjustment screws right there in the p * rse, he is amusing.

Girs reveals that for Assembly Summers in the summer, some are trying to smuggle alcoholic beverages, but they are effectively wounding the law enforcement.

Young people are a peaceful people

Generally speaking, the leniency, according to law enforcement officers, is settled in peaceful terms. With the exception of a few harmless whims, young people are able to behave well.

"There's hardly any property lost here, and nothing really breaks here," Girs ponders.

There are three hospital beds in the emergency room where young people are allowed to be supervised by a nurse in the event of over-fatigue.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

The wildest “tasks” required by law enforcement officers are to take young people to the day-care center for overnight fatigue or small dreams.

"The most important thing is that it is fun and safe here," Girs sums up.

Ilta-Sanomat will follow Assembly Winter 2020 on site until Sunday.

Source: isfi

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