The Helsinki Court of Appeal sentenced the same man to two counts of aggravated rape. It sentenced Carl Mikael Hjalmar Arenius, 49, to one year and 10 months' imprisonment for aggravated rape in January in Helsinki's Kannelmäki. The District Court had reached the same conclusion.

The judgment took into account the lowering of the sentence by the District Court's previous conviction in March last year for aggravated rape.

The Court of Appeal has now ruled on this gross rape. It upheld a district court sentence of three years and five months in March 2018 for aggravated rape and September 2017 for assault.

In a massive rape in January last year, a man forced a woman with reduced mobility on a bed, struck her across the body and face with an open palm, tore her hair and raped the victim. When the victim shouted for help, the man threatened to kill. The victim escaped to the stairwell, but the man pulled the victim back to the apartment. In the apartment, the man continued to punch, severely twisted the victim's hands and strangled him with both hands and forced the victim to rub himself.

- She tore me off her hair. I stopped the fight when he threatened to kill me, the victim told police.

The strangulation was so intense that the victim was afraid of dying.

He grabbed me by the throat with both hands and lifted me against the window. I couldn't breathe and I felt my eyes bulging. My legs and my arms flailing, and I was sure that I die on the spot. I probably didn't get oxygen for a few minutes, the victim told me.

After the act, the victim bleed. He sustained injuries.

His mental health deteriorated and he had nightmares, anxiety and panic attacks.

The prosecutor demanded in the Court of Appeal that his sentence be increased to six years' imprisonment. The prosecutor said the district court's judgment was too mild because the act was violent and the victim was a woman with reduced mobility. The victim was defenseless and could not escape or get help.

The man was sentenced to pay the victim $ 10,000 for suffering and pain and hurt.

In the March 2018 aggravated rape, a man placed a kitchen knife with a 20-inch blade on the victim's neck and raped the victim. The victim had met the man after a night out.

It was very difficult for the victim to report the incident to the district court because of the shock. The court thought that he also had some form of memory loss at the time of the crime.

The victim texted a friend from his apartment, “The worst thing can happen to a person? Knife rape. ” In the messages, he asked for help and feared he would die.

The man was sentenced to pay the victim of this aggravated rape $ 8,400 in suffering and pain and hurt. The victim had to move out of his apartment because of the act.

In both rapes, sexual intercourse was unprotected.

The man's criminal history is very grim. He has also previously been convicted of rape, according to MTV's report in Estonia. He committed the rape in March 2018 after being released from prison for a couple of months. Therefore, this term of imprisonment of three years and five months also includes one hundred days of residual punishment.

The man has also robbed his mother.