The joint and southern forces approached the liberation of the Al-Oud, Hasha, and Jabal Nasa mountain range in the Yemeni province of Al-Dhalea, while the battles continued on the Al-Jawf, Saada, and Sana'a fronts, while the Yemeni army and the joint forces managed to shoot down two Houthi-operated aircraft in Al-Jawf and Al-Hodeidah.

In the details, military sources in Al-Dhalea confirmed that the joint and southern forces are approaching the liberation of the Al-Oud mountain range, Al-Hasha and the strategic Jabal Nasa mountain in the northwest and northwest of the governorate, which have been engaged in violent confrontations in those areas with the Houthi militia coup since the day before yesterday.

The sources said that the confrontations coincided with the flight of more than 20 Houthi drones in the sky over these areas intensively, while the joint and southern forces made progress in those areas, and the militias incurred huge losses in equipment and lives.

The joint and southern forces thwarted an infiltration attempt by the militias towards their positions in the Hajar-Battar front on the outskirts of the strategic Jab camp, and launched a counterattack towards the areas of Al-'Od, al-Hasha, and Nasa, which were close to Tahrir.

This comes at a time when military sources in the Yemeni joint forces in the western coast of Yemen confirmed that the state of combat readiness and alertness has been declared in all brigades, units and sectors of the joint forces, after the Houthi militia violated the agreement to activate the Sweden agreement, and launched attacks and the development of sites in several areas in Hodeidah.

The sources pointed out that the joint report to the UN team tasked with overseeing the implementation of the Swedish agreement in Hodeidah, headed by the Indian General Abhijt Huja, in which it clarifies the areas of violations and the type of weapons used by the militias, in which drones were used, pointing out that the joint launched a recent warning to the committees Liaison and international monitoring to carry out its tasks of forcing the militia to implement what is agreed upon. The militias launched intense attacks on the sites of the joint forces and residential neighborhoods on the fronts of the directorates of Al-Drahami, Beit al-Faqih, al-Tahita, and Hays, and the frontiers of the city of Hodeidah, the center of the governorate. They also used flying aircraft in reconnaissance, observation, and monitoring of joint sites.

The joint forces shot down a Houthi raid plane in the sky of the Al-Duraimi Directorate south of the city of Hodeidah, according to sources in the second brigade, giants, noting that the brigade's defenses brought down the plane before reaching its targets.

The joint forces thwarted an Houthi infiltration attempt towards the Al-Jah area of ​​the Beit al-Faqih district, and incurred heavy losses, and a spoil of military hardware left behind by the Houthi elements in the area.

In Al-Jawf, the Yemeni army forces managed to shoot down a Houthi march plane over the Muhazamat front southwest of the governorate, which was conducting a reconnaissance mission over army positions, according to field sources, noting that the militias have recently intensified the use of explosive and reconnaissance drones in the burning fronts.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni army forces, backed by the coalition, continued their military operations in the Sakia fronts, Mazzam, and Ham mountains, amid assurances that the operation will continue until the liberation of these fronts and the opening of fronts towards the eastern countryside countryside and the Harf Sufyan area in the Amran governorate.

In Saada, the military forces backed by the coalition bombed militia sites in the border district of Monbh after they detected movements of Houthi elements and African mercenaries working for them, which led to the destruction of military vehicles that were traveling in those elements, leaving among them dead and wounded.

For its part, coalition fighters launched a series of raids in support of the Yemeni army forces towards the militia sites on the front lines, leaving direct casualties among the militias and their military mechanisms.

On the Salb front, the Yemeni army forces backed by the coalition managed to secure small cisterns in the vicinity of the strategic mountain range known as the Salb Mountains, which extend directly to the fringes of the Arhab district on the outskirts of the northern capital regions.

In Taiz, a Houthi sniper killed a 12-year-old girl with a gunshot wound to the head in Gharab, west of the governorate, according to a local source.

- The joint and southern forces thwarted an attempt to infiltrate the militias towards their positions on the outskirts of the strategic al-Jab camp.

- Coalition fighters launched a series of raids in support of the army forces towards the militia sites on the front lines of Niham.