The company has regular contact with, among other things, the rescue service and the insurance companies.

- We have raised our level of preparedness well ahead of the weekend. According to the information we have received, there is greater rainfall on the way to the county, says Stefan Berg, CEO of Ocab in Jönköping.

Stefan Berg, CEO of Ocab in Jönköping, has brought in both extra staff and equipment to cope with the situation if there are more flooded houses in the coming days.

In the clip you hear how bad Stefan Berg thinks it can be over the weekend in especially the southwest parts of Jönköping County.

Trouble in Hillerstorp

He says that during the week they have been out with about 15 property owners where there have been flood problems. For example, the night to Thursday has been difficult in central Hillerstorp.

- We have pumps in place there now, says Stefan Berg.

The recent rain has led to unusually high water levels in Jönköping County. SMHI has issued a warning for high water flows in large parts of Jönköping County. In Nissan, the level is so high that a Class 2 warning has been issued.