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Millán Salcedo is sincere: "I have never fallen in love"

Millán Salcedo is discharged after three weeks hospitalized

In recent months, whenever a media outlet has approached him to ask how life is going, Millán Salcedo has taken the opportunity to slip a disturbing message, at least for his most devoted fans: that he is about to meet The 65 years- will be next April 14, which has been dedicated to the stages, comedy, and its onomatopoeia for more than 40 seasons, and that more than once it has been suggested that it is time to leave everything and retire.

The reasons would be understandable: there is an accumulated wear and fatigue, lately health has given him some fright translated into hospital admissions and cancellation of functions, and the entertainment world is not particularly benign with veteran comedians. A while ago, Millán decided to stop working on television, after being the king of New Year's Eve - because they don't call him, and because if they called him, he would hang up the phone; The last thing will be, forever, A Million of things on TVE-, and because filling theaters is not an easy task either. Perhaps it is time to take refuge in his living room, with his books and memories, and let the process begin in which man is definitely transformed into myth.

A definitive withdrawal from Millán Salcedo would be a terrible thing, but to consider doing it at 65 because he wants to and because he can at least tell us that he has done well in life and has his back covered for what is to come. Millán has always been discreet in what has to do with his privacy and the contrasted data that are known are very few. For years he speculated about his sexual condition and who his partners might have been, since none have been known. This past December, in Bertín Osborne's program , we learned why: Millán revealed that he has never had a partner beyond the artistic one - that is, Josema Yuste, half of Tuesday and Thirteen - that he has lived so absorbed by the work that has never had occasion or intention to fall in love, and that to be able, would like that to happen now. As love is not old, and it is never too late, hopefully it happens.

He has also kept a discreet silence about how he has done in life, which has fed all kinds of rumors, as he has penguins in his house in Madrid - and it is true, what happens is that they are stuffed animals, figures and objects with Penguin shape, not real animals - or that that ludopath phase that went through a while ago is still maintained. In a recent interview in this same newspaper, Millán already explained that it is true that he had a time of being hooked on bingo, but that he took off. One cannot threaten to retire at 65 if one does not have the floor paid and some solid savings. At first.

At the moment, the main activity of former Tuesday and Thirteen is that of the theater. In 2016 he started a show, which quickly became a tour of Spain, called In my thirteen 2.0 -the title comes from the memoir he published in 2003, In my thirteen , which says it sold badly but that some of us keep as if it were a first edition of The Aleph - but that is currently not in circulation. Millán has had health problems - in the summer of 2019 he entered the ICU because of an epileptic attack -, and that is another factor that makes him think that it is time to light candles. Which is surely good for your happiness, and bad for historical and faithful fans.

Although, if that happened, what will remain is the legacy: the classic gags of Tuesday and Thirteen - in number 1, logically, that of Paca Carmona -, his own and inimitable way of speaking - that he has given expressions such as' that I piss toa ',' what a pot ', the interjections finished in i, or refer to the masterpiece of Charlotte Brönte as stormy legumes -, and some gags from the closet bottom that have had new life on social networks, like rap de Millán, that he, in his memoirs, identifies as "the Crazy Schizophrenic Rap I got a moko poko a poko" -, and that occasionally reappears on Twitter about Eminem images, and when that happens, that day is a holiday . What reminds us that the formula for happiness is very simple: one gag of Millán a day and the arteries open and the serotonin flows. Fixed-you.

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